Convincing a sceptic

In math in year 6 we have been convincing our sceptic mine was Leo. I needed to make a square out of paper and I needed to make Leo believe that it was a square. so what I tolled Leo was that if I unfolded it the four outer triangles made up a half so if I took two of those triangle away it would be a square . Leo was convinced. After Leo and I went up to show the class. I was impressed with what I’d done. My favorite part was convincing Leo. It will help me in the future because if someone wasn’t convinced that they needed that amount of change then I would need to convince them why it’s that amount of money. I learnt that we always need to convince other people .

My favorite one was convincing the sceptic because I think I was the best at it on my table and Leo was the best sceptic too.I also like the fact that we were convincing other people.

Growing shapes and making mistakes

In maths, year 6 have been investigating Growing shapes and making mistakes. What we did was that, we had to explain what we noticed without using numbers in your justification. After  that we had finished that
we were aloud to use numbers and mathematical lan
guage to justify are answer.What i learned was that there is always a pattern to solve you answer. The skills we developed were collaboration,self believe and many more.The skills i can take away fromthis is that, don’t give up if it gets hard,use you noticing skills to help you solve your learning.The way this could help you in the big wold is that, it can help you with if you are a bissnes  manager you need to find a pattern if something is going wrong or if you need to get some change you find a pattern to see if you need more or they gave you less.

My favorite one was convincing a sceptic, because if you were the sceptic you had to ask tough questions to them say you can get more evidence of them. some of the questions were, how do you do that?, can you elaborate on that ?and can you proove that to me? We found it very hard do think of questions that would push the other person to there abilities. As you can see, in the picture we were all working collaboratively and using there self believe as well. There were three levels to be convincing

1.convince your self:easy

2.convince your friend:medium

3.convince your sceptic:hard


pattern seeking

In maths, our class year six have been investigating about patterns and how Fibonacci ‘s sequence actually work.On Tuesday we watched a video of Fibonacci ‘s sequence .Then we had a pyramid and we had to find the number ‘s that were missing ,I found out the pattern very quickly and the pattern was that the middle number ‘s were ,one plus one is two then three plus three  is six and it keeps going.Then for the last pattern seeking we had to add the first three number ‘s to see if you can to get the answer but they need to be consecutive number ‘s . I really enjoyed because looking at patterns in maths it ‘s probably the most important and it is the most important thing because without patterns it’s basically no maths.In the future I believe that it will also be in secondary school until year nine or year ten.

Manipulating Numbers

In maths , we have been using 4’s . We could use any operation but we had to use 4 4’s , we had to make the the numbers 1-20 . We had to use  Resillence ,Team work ,Self belive and Consiontrasion .In the future, this will help me in save money and buggets . If i went to the shop and got change but it was the rong I could check and make sure I get the right amount.

My favroute is pattern seeking because we got to learn about fibonacci sequence 3,5,8,13 . we got to watch a cool clip it told use about spirals is in darth vadares mask and in a pine cone .

Brain crossing

In maths we had to look at a group of patterns and see what we could see, by being as imaginitive as we could .We learnt that we can see lots of patterns by looking at a piece of paper .The skills i developed were collaberation,thinking hard,consontrating,team work and being helpful.In the future it will help you because it will make you learn more about patterns in maths and as you get older you begin to see more patterns so patterns will help everyone and everywhere.

My favirout is manipulating numbers because we had to use four fours and make the number four .We could not use less than four fours and we could not use more than four fours.It was fun and chalanging.


Our trip to swimming in year 6

When it was Thursday 14th 2017 our class went to a really fun and exciting trip to Central swimming pool omg me and my friends was so happy i nearly bursted.

When we was at the swimming pool we had to go in a changing room with a partner they are three groups 1. Confident swimmer 2.Medium swimmer and 3. Beginners the beginners group went first and i was in that group once we got changed we had to wait patiently till the swimming teacher was here it took about 5min to wait. And then we started the session. We had to swim backware sidente and fowords with our heads in the water and then we had to breath with our mouth. And then after we went swimming we gone back to our school then we had 10min till its break time and thats the end

Character description

Leaning his head on his knees, worn out shoes and ripped clothing. Bullys ran past the lights with laughter and shouting.there were tears going down his red cheeks it was like two rainfalls. he was in a dark hallway and worried to see what would happen next.He heard rats crawling through the hall.He stayed in the hallway because he was petrified of the bullys and stayed there for hours

Yes new blog.

Yes we have a new blog so you no what that meens.aking are blog the best. So now it is time to get lots of people around the wold looking at this blog.on are last blog we only and 7 countries on are wold so now i am tring my best to and the class should to get at the least 10 contries on the wold. I think we can do that. So please leave a like if you think we can and comment you target for the amount of contries the target should be for the class.

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