In school i have lots of friends :anya,carsym,leo,sadia,lily,hamadh and more .

In school i have best teatchers in the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:miss semple and miss murphy                                                                                                      Ilove all lesons  in there but … but i miss for poland 😢😭😩☹

This is thursday 30th of november it is last lesson for today have a nice day and goodbye

BYE!!  BYE!! BYE!!  BYE!!  BYE!!  BYE!! BYE!! BYE!!  BYE!! BYE!! BYE!! BYE!!


2 thoughts on “SCHOOL ,SCHOOL ,SCOOL”

  1. I wonder which is your favourite lesson Marcel? I heard that you love reading… which books do you enjoy the most and why? Could you recommend one to a year 4 pupil? I’m looking forward to seeing your next blog post.


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    1. Wonderful to read you are happy in your class Marcel and enjoying all the learning. It is almost as cold here in England as it is in Poland at the moment! Can you compare the temperatures?


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