Daisy meets a alien Story

Daisy meets a alien ๐Ÿ‘ฝ

In 2000 on planet earth there was a little girl named daisy and she lived with her parents. Her parents just came in from work but they didn’t look happy. “Mom dad what’s wrong” daisy worried. “We can’t take you to school no longer cuz we have work early now we have to go” cried mom “oh um well I’ll be fine on my own” said daisy “I’m sure I’ll be safe” her dad said “i know you will be safe have a nice time at school” at this point daisy knew there’s gonna be a problem but an exciting one. A little green figure came up to daisy and said “are you ok” and daisy said “woah are u and a-a-a alien!” “I can’t believe I’m seeing an alien!” The alien reply “I’ll walk you to school” and once they arrived to the school she told everyone what happend and they lived happily ever after the end.


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