What we done in english

Hello today the year 6 cLass has done some english. Im gonna show you what we have done!

In english we had to write an emotive language  for a charater description. So each tables have there own target sa to use. My table target was 1.Fronted adverbial 2.Relitive Clause and 3.brackets 4.3 actions sentence

We had to use the same name as Miss Murphy idea witch was corol Ocean.

My fav bit in english is when we got to use are targets to level up the words well thats it for now baii.



Facts About Ears or Eyes system

In year 6, we have been looking on google  Chrome about facts about eyes or ears system we had a group with 4 people my group was sadia,Emmanuel,Preethya my group done facts about ears first here are some facts that we have found.


Ever wondered why every time you catch cold, you go dumb? I mean, you lose your voice! That’s because middle ear is connected to the throat using a tube named Eustachian tube


Ears are organs designated for hearing. But, did you know that there is a limit till which ears will behave properly. The moment a sound exceeds the natural hearing limit, our ears will buzz!



Our trip to swimming in year 6

When it was Thursday 14th 2017 our class went to a really fun and exciting trip to Central swimming pool omg me and my friends was so happy i nearly bursted.

When we was at the swimming pool we had to go in a changing room with a partner they are three groups 1. Confident swimmer 2.Medium swimmer and 3. Beginners the beginners group went first and i was in that group once we got changed we had to wait patiently till the swimming teacher was here it took about 5min to wait. And then we started the session. We had to swim backware sidente and fowords with our heads in the water and then we had to breath with our mouth. And then after we went swimming we gone back to our school then we had 10min till its break time and thats the end