An excerpt from my story

Alex scanned around in amazement, the dimension was out of this world!  He crouched as something he didn’t recognise swooped over him, when he carefully starred up into the misty fog he saw a sinister, giant like figure stomping his way  to what seemed like a restricted safe. Surreptitiously, the colossus giant coded in a password and the laser rays that were protecting the safe shut down. unexpectedly, a hologram popped up of the emerald, green alien which said-one click of the controller and time will freeze. Alex couldn’t resist the temptation. he immediately pushed the button down BOOM! everything in the realm was frozen except from Alex, who went to search the phenomenal realm that he found himself in.

“diamonds”Alex exclaimed with a  huge smile on his pail face.Alex swiftly, took as many diamonds as he possibly can! the controller suddenly fell of and smashed open on the scarlet, concrete floor. As soon as the giant was set free,the giant turned towards Alex and saw sparkly,glistening diamonds on his hands-he was furious.                                                “Alex over here its this way”pointing his digital fingers to the swirling hole. Alex[who was frighted] dived into the portal.