Common multiples

Problem: During the summer months, one ice cream truck visits Jeannette’s neighborhood every 4 days and another ice cream truck visits her neighborhood every 5 days. If both trucks visited today, when is the next time both trucks will visit on the same day?

Write all you working and explanation as a comment.

Then have a go at this?

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All about rounding by Alicja

In year 6 we were working on our rounding skills 😃. In rounding we had round to the nearest 10,100,1,000 and 10,000. If the value of the digit is 5 or above, round up AND if the value of the digit is 4 or below, round down. Try to answer this question in the comments below: Round 23,659 to the nearest 1,000 (I will respond to your comment if its right or wrong).