Round 52,845                                                                                                            to the nearest 10                                                                                                         the nearest 100                                                                                                           and the nearest 1000                                                                                                 MY EXPLANATION AND ANSWER                                                                         the nearest 10 was 52,850 because the rule is if you have a digit under 4 you round down but if you have 5 or over you round up so in the number 52,845 if i round up to the nearest 10 i would look at 45 and because its 5 i round up and get 50 so the answer is 52,850.                                                   the nearest 100 is 52,800  because if you look at it before it is rounded its 52,845 again and you will look at the tens digit. its 4 so i round down so then the 8 stays the same and 45 become 00 so the answer is 52,800.           FINAL ANSWER AND EXPLANATION FOR ROUNDING TO NEAREST 1000    the answer is 53,000 the answer is this because if you look at the eights digit and because its bigger than 5  you would round the 2 to 3 which makes 53,ooo