Convincing a sceptic

In math in year 6 we have been convincing our sceptic mine was Leo. I needed to make a square out of paper and I needed to make Leo believe that it was a square. so what I tolled Leo was that if I unfolded it the four outer triangles made up a half so if I took two of those triangle away it would be a square . Leo was convinced. After Leo and I went up to show the class. I was impressed with what I’d done. My favorite part was convincing Leo. It will help me in the future because if someone wasn’t convinced that they needed that amount of change then I would need to convince them why it’s that amount of money. I learnt that we always need to convince other people .

My favorite one was convincing the sceptic because I think I was the best at it on my table and Leo was the best sceptic too.I also like the fact that we were convincing other people.


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