An excerpt from my story

… But by the time she had questioned herself, she has already been sucked in by the force of  the portal.Bella scanned her surroundings in astonishment: the dimension was out of this world!She ducked as something unknown hung over her head.Nervously, she looked up and spotted  a colossal, evil – Robo-Rex  marching to what looked like a secret room. Cautiously, the Robo-Rex put in a password and the wooden door swung open revealing a stash of coins,allowing the Robo-Rex to take his money. Suddenly, the alien (who was called Zinc)floated down and said -” One click of the rewind button everything will freeze.” Bella couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be like.She immediately clicked the remote control.BOOM!Everything stopped,apart from Bella,who began her quest to find the money and take it home. “GOLD!” Bella screamed..


Common multiples

Problem: During the summer months, one ice cream truck visits Jeannette’s neighborhood every 4 days and another ice cream truck visits her neighborhood every 5 days. If both trucks visited today, when is the next time both trucks will visit on the same day?

Write all you working and explanation as a comment.

Then have a go at this?

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