Hansel and the stick

In 3056, a cold winters evening struck. Hansel was bored as he looked out of his window and saw snowflakes falling to the thick layer of frost. He was called down for dinner. As he slumped down the stairs, a magical swirl of wind appeared and so did a frail, old man.

” Hello young boy.”said the man. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a stick. It looked crumpled but there was something that made it unusual and unique.                                                                                        ” Want this?” asked the man, who was now gleaming with happiness.    “What is it?” questioned Hansel.                                                                  “It’s a magical invention. It will change the future!” squealed the man. He tapped the stick three times and the swirl of wind appeared once more.                                                                                                                “Hansel! Come now for your dinner!” shouted his mother.                        “Uhhh…. wait. Let me finish my homework.” said Hansel, in an unsure way.                                                                                                                The man continued,”If you step into here, it will take you to another dimension.”                                                                                                    That instant, Hansel stepped into the wind and the man followed. He could not believe his eyes : there was chocolate everywhere! The floor was made out of the finest Galaxy path and the fence was candy canes. Hundreds and Thousands were sprinkled everywhere and lollipops were trees.

As they walked down the path, the man began talking to Hansel.              “So this place is incredible, right? But only I have the stick that leads to this world and I can give it to you. Do you want it?”                                    “Yes please.” muttered Hansel as he began to lick the lollipop trees.         “Ok then.” mumbled the old man and he carefully handed the stick to Hansel. Now that the stick was in his arms, it felt like he had been rewarded.As he looked around himself, the stick felt like a treasure.          “By the way, the name of this brilliance is a Chomple. And do NOT give the stick to anybody. Make sure no-one notices it or even takes a peek at it. If it gets stolen, this world will be lost from us. There is no spare Chomple.”                                                                                                      Hearing all of this made the Chomple sound important. Hansel was even more frightened about the fact that he would need to be responsible for any damage caused to the Chomple. Would Hansel be able to handle the challenge…


What we done in english

Hello today the year 6 cLass has done some english. Im gonna show you what we have done!

In english we had to write an emotive language  for a charater description. So each tables have there own target sa to use. My table target was 1.Fronted adverbial 2.Relitive Clause and 3.brackets 4.3 actions sentence

We had to use the same name as Miss Murphy idea witch was corol Ocean.

My fav bit in english is when we got to use are targets to level up the words well thats it for now baii.



Character description

Leaning his head on his knees, worn out shoes and ripped clothing. Bullys ran past the lights with laughter and shouting.there were tears going down his red cheeks it was like two rainfalls. he was in a dark hallway and worried to see what would happen next.He heard rats crawling through the hall.He stayed in the hallway because he was petrified of the bullys and stayed there for hours