Inside the vortex, an excerpt from my story

…Fy-lix looked around in amazement, this new dimension was unreal! He ducked as a unidentified flying object swooped over his head, when he looked up he saw a collosal  metal goblin stomping over to a case, the goblin typed in a code onto a key bord (the code was G1aN1 g0Bl1N) and the case opened to reveal mounds of gold!!!

Suddenly Fy-lix herd a voice in his head “put the mask on to freeze time” the man intructed                                                                                                                                           Ok, Fy-lix thought and put on the mask, realising how big it was,BANG! the sound hit the air like a gunfire and everything was still.

“Ha!” Fy-lix shouted ,in aw of his suroundings as he went to the case of gold.Fy-lix  began to pick up as much gold as as he could, but in his haste the mask, to big for him, slipped of his face and everything started moving

The goblin saw Fy-lix with his gold and let out a roar Fy-lix started running, the gold in his hands

“Quick Fy-lix this way!” the man orderd into Fy-lix’s  ear  but the goblin grabed his foot..