Common multiples

Problem: During the summer months, one ice cream truck visits Jeannette’s neighborhood every 4 days and another ice cream truck visits her neighborhood every 5 days. If both trucks visited today, when is the next time both trucks will visit on the same day?

Write all you working and explanation as a comment.

Then have a go at this?

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Round 52,845 to to the nearest 10   the nearest 100   and nearest 1000


the nearest 10 is 52,850 because the rule for rounding is if the number is 5 or over round up and if its four or under it has to stay the same.To round to the nearest 10 I have to look at the ones [units] so its 5 so i have to round up to 52,850.


The nearest 100 is 52,800 because we are rounding to the nearest 100 so your looking at the 10 digits [tens] its 4 so its going to round to 52,800.


 To round to the nearest 1000 i look at the 100 digits [hundreds] its 8 so it is going to round to the number 53,000.                                               


All about rounding by Alicja

In year 6 we were working on our rounding skills 😃. In rounding we had round to the nearest 10,100,1,000 and 10,000. If the value of the digit is 5 or above, round up AND if the value of the digit is 4 or below, round down. Try to answer this question in the comments below: Round 23,659 to the nearest 1,000 (I will respond to your comment if its right or wrong).



Round 52,845

A to the nearest 10 For the first thing I did was I look at the tens it was between 45 then I said five or over round up and four or below stays the same.The nearest ten was 52,950. How did I do it first I did I looked at the ten The I new that 5 or over round up 4 or below stays the same.

b the nearest 100  the first I did was I looked at the one hundred digit then I looked at which is closer it was five or over rounds up.i looked at the units then which is closer then the answer was 52,900

c to the nearest 1,000 I looked at the hundred digit then I looked at the one thousand digit.



Fist I look at the tens look at                                          Round 52,845 :                     the units and if its over five I round up and if                                                    its below five then I have to  keep the  tens                                                                        the same.

a) the nearest 10: (52,850)

b) the nearest 100: (52,000)

c) the nearest 1,000:(52,900)

Round 71,458:

a)the nearest 10:(71,460)

b) the nearest 100: (71,500)

c) the nearest 1,000:(72,000)


Convincing a sceptic

In math in year 6 we have been convincing our sceptic mine was Leo. I needed to make a square out of paper and I needed to make Leo believe that it was a square. so what I tolled Leo was that if I unfolded it the four outer triangles made up a half so if I took two of those triangle away it would be a square . Leo was convinced. After Leo and I went up to show the class. I was impressed with what I’d done. My favorite part was convincing Leo. It will help me in the future because if someone wasn’t convinced that they needed that amount of change then I would need to convince them why it’s that amount of money. I learnt that we always need to convince other people .

My favorite one was convincing the sceptic because I think I was the best at it on my table and Leo was the best sceptic too.I also like the fact that we were convincing other people.


Growing shapes and making mistakes

In maths, year 6 have been investigating Growing shapes and making mistakes. What we did was that, we had to explain what we noticed without using numbers in your justification. After  that we had finished that
we were aloud to use numbers and mathematical lan
guage to justify are answer.What i learned was that there is always a pattern to solve you answer. The skills we developed were collaboration,self believe and many more.The skills i can take away fromthis is that, don’t give up if it gets hard,use you noticing skills to help you solve your learning.The way this could help you in the big wold is that, it can help you with if you are a bissnes  manager you need to find a pattern if something is going wrong or if you need to get some change you find a pattern to see if you need more or they gave you less.

My favorite one was convincing a sceptic, because if you were the sceptic you had to ask tough questions to them say you can get more evidence of them. some of the questions were, how do you do that?, can you elaborate on that ?and can you proove that to me? We found it very hard do think of questions that would push the other person to there abilities. As you can see, in the picture we were all working collaboratively and using there self believe as well. There were three levels to be convincing

1.convince your self:easy

2.convince your friend:medium

3.convince your sceptic:hard



pattern seeking

In maths, our class year six have been investigating about patterns and how Fibonacci ‘s sequence actually work.On Tuesday we watched a video of Fibonacci ‘s sequence .Then we had a pyramid and we had to find the number ‘s that were missing ,I found out the pattern very quickly and the pattern was that the middle number ‘s were ,one plus one is two then three plus three  is six and it keeps going.Then for the last pattern seeking we had to add the first three number ‘s to see if you can to get the answer but they need to be consecutive number ‘s . I really enjoyed because looking at patterns in maths it ‘s probably the most important and it is the most important thing because without patterns it’s basically no maths.In the future I believe that it will also be in secondary school until year nine or year ten.


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Manipulating Numbers

In maths , we have been using 4’s . We could use any operation but we had to use 4 4’s , we had to make the the numbers 1-20 . We had to use  Resillence ,Team work ,Self belive and Consiontrasion .In the future, this will help me in save money and buggets . If i went to the shop and got change but it was the rong I could check and make sure I get the right amount.

My favroute is pattern seeking because we got to learn about fibonacci sequence 3,5,8,13 . we got to watch a cool clip it told use about spirals is in darth vadares mask and in a pine cone .


Brain crossing

In maths we had to look at a group of patterns and see what we could see, by being as imaginitive as we could .We learnt that we can see lots of patterns by looking at a piece of paper .The skills i developed were collaberation,thinking hard,consontrating,team work and being helpful.In the future it will help you because it will make you learn more about patterns in maths and as you get older you begin to see more patterns so patterns will help everyone and everywhere.

My favirout is manipulating numbers because we had to use four fours and make the number four .We could not use less than four fours and we could not use more than four fours.It was fun and chalanging.