Inside the vortex, an excerpt from my story

…Fy-lix looked around in amazement, this new dimension was unreal! He ducked as a unidentified flying object swooped over his head, when he looked up he saw a collosal  metal goblin stomping over to a case, the goblin typed in a code onto a key bord (the code was G1aN1 g0Bl1N) and the case opened to reveal mounds of gold!!!

Suddenly Fy-lix herd a voice in his head “put the mask on to freeze time” the man intructed                                                                                                                                           Ok, Fy-lix thought and put on the mask, realising how big it was,BANG! the sound hit the air like a gunfire and everything was still.

“Ha!” Fy-lix shouted ,in aw of his suroundings as he went to the case of gold.Fy-lix  began to pick up as much gold as as he could, but in his haste the mask, to big for him, slipped of his face and everything started moving

The goblin saw Fy-lix with his gold and let out a roar Fy-lix started running, the gold in his hands

“Quick Fy-lix this way!” the man orderd into Fy-lix’s  ear  but the goblin grabed his foot..



An excerpt from my story

…There was a white light facing Katie. She tried blocking the light with her hand. It worked. She looked around. It was blank silence , until she heard what it sounded like footsteps. But they weren’t just any type of footsteps. They were a giant’s footsteps. She peered, with her hand still on her eyes. Katie suddenly ducked from a strange , dark figure which glided  over her head . The moment when she looked up, her mouth dropped. She saw what it looked like a robot giant. Katie has never seen one before in her life but she has heard of them. She couldn’t believe her eyes. The giant was one second away from stepping on the poor girl when she heard the old lady’s voice that she traded her hover board for the magic remote control.

” Click the red button to stop time NOW ! ” shrieked the old lady.

Katie then did as she was told as quick as she could.


Time immediately stopped.

” The way to the secret door is that way, ” spoke the old lady, pointing to her right.

Katie then started walking slowly but steadily to her right , until at one point, she found herself in front of a huge door. She opened the door – her eyes twinkled. She was speechless. The room was absolutely filled with gold. She took as much as she could but in the process , she didn’t realize she was pressing the green button (which unfreezes time). The giant turns around and immediately sees Katie.

” MY GOOOOOOLD !!!! ” yelled the giant.

” Come, this way, jump, NOW ! ” shrieked the old lady.

Katie jumped back through the vortex rapidly…



An excerpt from my story

…..Bella   looked around in amazement,the dimension  was phenomenal! She  ducked as something glided over her head, when she looked up she saw an villainous, techno giant  like figure scurrying over to what looked like a secret room.  Cautiously , the techno giant  typed  in a code and the lasers that were guiding the room vanished,letting him collect his gold. Unexpectedly, a hologram appeared  of the alien which said-one swirl of the magical pen freezes time .Bella couldn’t  resist.She immediately swirled   the magical pen in the air BOOM!Everything was still,apart from Bella  ,who went to discover the extraordinary dimension that she found herself in.

“Gold!” Bella shrieked and grabbed as much as she could carry.

Swirl.The pen accidentally turned.Instantly,the techno giant  turned toward Bella ,he saw that she was trying to steal some of his gold-he was furious.

“Quick Bella , this way,”ushered the hologram of the alien.Bella jumped straight into the vortex….


An Excerpt From My Story

… As soon she had made her decision, the force of the vortex sucked her in and she was looking around in astonishment : this dimension was an incredible sight. She ducked as an unrecognisable object hung over her head, when she peeked up she noticed a colossal, evil-looking Robo-Rex marching to what seemed like a secret room. Cautiously, the Robo-Rex entered a pin and the door swung open, revealing piles and stacks of coins, allowing him to collect the money.                                                                                                                                                Suddenly, the alien (who was called Zinc) appeared and he said, “One press of the pause button will freeze time”…                                                                                                                                               


An excerpt from my story

… But by the time she had questioned herself, she has already been sucked in by the force of  the portal.Bella scanned her surroundings in astonishment: the dimension was out of this world!She ducked as something unknown hung over her head.Nervously, she looked up and spotted  a colossal, evil – Robo-Rex  marching to what looked like a secret room. Cautiously, the Robo-Rex put in a password and the wooden door swung open revealing a stash of coins,allowing the Robo-Rex to take his money. Suddenly, the alien (who was called Zinc)floated down and said -” One click of the rewind button everything will freeze.” Bella couldn’t stop thinking about how it would be like.She immediately clicked the remote control.BOOM!Everything stopped,apart from Bella,who began her quest to find the money and take it home. “GOLD!” Bella screamed..


An excerpt from my story

But by the time she had made up her mind,she had been absorbed into the portal by the powerful energy of the metal cubes.

Coral gazed around in astonishment,the dimension was extrodinary . She dove as something she didn’t  recognize dove   over her head,when she rose her head she saw a giant,evil robot like figure sprinted to whet looked like a treasure chest.Carefully,the giant slid a key into the locket of the chest and the chest flung open the top revealing  piles of diamonds.

Unexpectedly,a teleporter appeared hovering above…


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An excerpt from my story

Alex scanned around in amazement, the dimension was out of this world!  He crouched as something he didn’t recognise swooped over him, when he carefully starred up into the misty fog he saw a sinister, giant like figure stomping his way  to what seemed like a restricted safe. Surreptitiously, the colossus giant coded in a password and the laser rays that were protecting the safe shut down. unexpectedly, a hologram popped up of the emerald, green alien which said-one click of the controller and time will freeze. Alex couldn’t resist the temptation. he immediately pushed the button down BOOM! everything in the realm was frozen except from Alex, who went to search the phenomenal realm that he found himself in.

“diamonds”Alex exclaimed with a  huge smile on his pail face.Alex swiftly, took as many diamonds as he possibly can! the controller suddenly fell of and smashed open on the scarlet, concrete floor. As soon as the giant was set free,the giant turned towards Alex and saw sparkly,glistening diamonds on his hands-he was furious.                                                “Alex over here its this way”pointing his digital fingers to the swirling hole. Alex[who was frighted] dived into the portal.