Traditional stories

Jack and the Portal

In 2621 on the Planet Zordo, a young but poor boy carefully fixed his droid, which was the only source of income he had left. Whilst his mother was busy, he typed things on the micro tablet (that constantly shut down – especially in the middle of a game).

“Please fix the droid properly this time,” his mother begged. “And when you’ve finished, take it to the market to be sold,” she cried.

“Yes mother,” Jack groaned and nodded as he said it. Quickly, he picked up the droid and raced out of the door before he was shouted at again.

Within a few minutes he was already at the alley way which led to the market, when an old man in rags blocked his way.

“Where are you going with that droid boy?” asked the curious looking old man.

“I intend to sell it at the market, Sir,” Jack said through gritted teeth, feeling angry at being disrupted from his walk.

The peculiar old man examined the droid for a minute then looked back to Jack.

“I will trade your droid for this marvellous stick young man,” he said with an eager look on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Jack stared at the stick for a moment. It was crippled, useless and definitely worth less than the droid.

“Why would I want a good for nothing stick?” he replied, hoping that the man would just leave him alone. The old man was disappointed but persevered, he tried again to persuade Jack to do the trade.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

The sound of the stick was loud as it was knocked against the cobbled ground. “You see?” the elderly man said.

“See what?” asked Jack, more confused than ever.

“The portal, to another dimension.” The old man pointed to his left.

Puzzled, Jack walked over to the mysterious, multi-coloured hole that had appeared in the wall. As Jack figured out what he was looking at, he turned back to the old man and was speechless.

Finally, Jack shrieked, “I’ll take your trade old man!” Jack ran home as fast as he could the moment the old man gave him the stick.

“You’re back already; where’s the money then?” Mother asked.

“I didn’t get as far as the market,” Jack spluttered excitedly, “Because I traded the droid for this magic stick, which is so much better than money!”

Mother clenched her fists as her cheeks burned red, “What do you mean, you traded the droid?” mother bellowed, her cheeks were now a plum shade. “What were you thinking Jack?” she screamed. Jack hastily left the room before his mother exploded with rage, he was determined to see what was in the portal.

Tap. Tap. Tap

Again, an unusual, but incredible, swirling hole appeared right in front of Jack’s eyes. Should I sacrifice my life by going to another dimension? He thought to himself. But by the time he had thought about his decision, he had already been sucked in by the force of the stick. Jack looked around in amazement, the dimension was out of this world!

He ducked as something he didn’t recognise swooped over his head, when he looked up he saw an evil, giant like figure scurrying over to what looked like a secret safe.

Surreptitiously, the giant typed in a code and the lasers that were guarding the safe disappeared, letting him collect his gold. Suddenly, a hologram appeared of the elderly man which said – one tap of the portal stick will freeze time.

Jack couldn’t resist. He immediately tapped the magical stick onto the floor. BOOM! Everything was still, apart from Jack who went to search the extraordinary dimension that he found himself in.

“Gold!” Jack shouted and he grabbed as much as he could carry. Tap. The stick accidently fell and hit the floor. Instantly the giant turned towards Jack, he saw that he was trying to steal some of his gold – he was furious.

“Quick Jack, this way,” ushered the hologram of the old man. Jack jumped straight into the portal hole.

“Jack, get up, it’s time for you to set out for work!” exclaimed mother. Jack slowly peeled his eyes open. “What is this good for nothing stick doing down here?” mother asked. Silence filled the house as Jack took a long look around. Just as he was starting to think that the portal was just an extraordinary dream, he heard his mum shout, “Jack, Jack, GOLD!”

“Coming mother,” Jack shrieked, feeling overjoyed.


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