What we did in PE

First, in PE we got changed and went down to the hall.

The game we were playing was chocolate it was really fun.

Mrs Muphy told us which chocolate bar we were I was toffy crisp and the two eaters were Lilianne and Answer. 

Me and Jack won and then we played another round as me and Jack won we were the eaters.

It was really close between Fabio and Teanna but,Fabio was really brave and ran through.

Unfortunately, Fabio got caught by Jack so then Teanna was the winner but to me both of them one.


Common multiples

Problem: During the summer months, one ice cream truck visits Jeannette’s neighborhood every 4 days and another ice cream truck visits her neighborhood every 5 days. If both trucks visited today, when is the next time both trucks will visit on the same day?

Write all you working and explanation as a comment.

Then have a go at this?

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Brain crossing

In maths we had to look at a group of patterns and see what we could see, by being as imaginitive as we could .We learnt that we can see lots of patterns by looking at a piece of paper .The skills i developed were collaberation,thinking hard,consontrating,team work and being helpful.In the future it will help you because it will make you learn more about patterns in maths and as you get older you begin to see more patterns so patterns will help everyone and everywhere.

My favirout is manipulating numbers because we had to use four fours and make the number four .We could not use less than four fours and we could not use more than four fours.It was fun and chalanging.